Bad Boys

Imagine this moment: you are in your car, driving back home from an unexpected good evening.  A work function that you actually didn’t feel like going and you end up going because you feel obliged to go. Surprisingly, you meet interesting people, have good chats and learn about the latest hot spots in town from the insiders (Good to hear about the latest hot spots because since I became a couch potato I feel a bit out of touch).
So,  you drive home and you hear this song on the radio that just makes you sing along… It’s this one song that you can associate yourself with just fine. It’s this one song, you think speaks your mind and still, it makes you smile: Well, for me it’s this song:

“Yeah, the bad boys are always catching my eye. I said the bad boys are always spinning my mind. Even though I know they’re no good for me. It’s the risk I take for the chemistry.With the bad boys always catching my eye. Ooh, bad boys”

So, so, so true! And exactly why I better keep my distance to any man…because I just know that it will be … guess what: of course, the bad boy (laughing at myself at this stage and taking everything with a pinch of salt:-).

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