Stunning Switzerland

Last year October I was writing a post about partnering with a TV lifestyle show and taking them to Croatia… To refresh your memory, here it is:

Some time ago another opportunity came up to promote the airline I am working for.. and this time, I didn’t let the opportunity slip through of going with! So, two weeks ago, I went on this amazing trip to Switzerland with Top Billing (the local TV lifestyle show I was talking about).

The theme of the trip was “Summer in Switzerland”. It was all about activities visitors can do in Switzerland in summertime. Switzerland better known as a skiing destination, wants to promote its sunny side to the rest of the world. I guess in some parts of the world people think that it is snowing all year round in Switzerland. Well, we saw picture perfect Heidi-landscapes, lush forests, picturesque mountain ranges (yes, with snow-capped mountains) and post card like villages. The programme was packed.. in just 3 days we visited Lucerne, took a boat trop, adventured in a robepark,  filmed how to make pralinés, learned about history, had a panoramic train ride, went up the mountains, blew the Alphorn, were taught how to make cheese fondue, stayed in one of the best hotels in Switzerland, did Paragliding, and rounded it all up with a local beer at Hooters (oh yes.. the boys…).

It was the first time that I had a view behind the scenes. It was rather interesting to see how a travel feature on TV is made.  The crew was fun, too. We laughed so much and had a great time together –  not always a given when you are forced together for 14 hours a day and longer. The presenter, who is a local celebrity was way too much fun, too. Down to earth and humble – so basically the opposite of what I expected him to be (I really feared, I’d have to deal with a male diva). It went so well, that we would like to plan more trips overseas. To promote the airline, obviously..


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