St Moritz – Top of the World

A probably once in a lifetime opportunity was presented to me when I received an (almost) all-inclusive invite to the St Moritz Gourmet Festival 2016. One of Switzerland’s master chefs, Reto Mathis, who I had the pleasure of flying to South Africa for an event we sponsored last year, is the president/chairman of the above mentioned gourmet festival and invited me as his guest of honor to his event. Continue reading “St Moritz – Top of the World”

Welcome to Bern – the Swiss Capital

Wow! Bern was one of the surprises of our trip to Switzerland. Such a gem. So underrated.. or rather not known. It is a truly beautiful city. I’d like to come back and explore more of it, as we basically only spent half a day there. Continue reading “Welcome to Bern – the Swiss Capital”

Highly recommended – a Travel Blog

A few months ago I was introduced to a lovely woman. We have a common friend and were both invited over for dinner. German dinner – Maultaschen. It happened that we were sitting next to each other and naturally we started talking. As it turns out I followed this lady’s travel blog for quite a while already. Actually not only her blog, in fact all her social media accounts.

So it happened that I asked her if she’d be keen to join us (us as in Swiss International Air Lines) on our next media trip which  I was about to plan. She was.

Two weeks back, we sent a hand full of journalists and bloggers off to Switzerland.

Read all about it here: The Incidental Tourist – SWISS feature or have a look at her homepage.

Just a pity that I wasn’t able to join… as I accompanied the TV crew a few weeks earlier, it was my colleagues turn to accompany this trip. Well, next time…

We created the #SwitzerlandwithSWISS – check out Instagram and Twitter to see, read and learn all about the great trip we organized together with Switzerland Tourism.
If you feel inspired, check out MySwitzerland for travel ideas. Switzerland is not only a skiing destination, it is also stunning and most beautiful in summer, no matter if you look for adventure like mountain biking or canyoning or just some picture perfect sight-seeing.

Ticino Trip – the Video

Finally I can post the video! A brand new TV show in South Africa is up and running and on TV for the 3rd week tomorrow. If you are a South African reader, you can watch “The Man Cave” on SABC 3 every Wednesday at 20h00.
Last week was the Ticino insert. Have a look at the clip.

Soon, there will be the second part of our Switzerland adventure with myself included:-)

It will be posted once it has been aired.

The other Switzerland – Ticino

Very recently, I had the pleasure to enjoy my work perks again: I was taking a TV crew to Switzerland. It’s not a holiday, it is definitely work but the fun part of my job. I get to meet amazing people, see stunning countryside, taste delicious dishes and experience new traditions, cultures and cities.

This trip took us to a part of Switzerland that I hadn’t been before: the Italian part of Switzerland, the Ticino region. We landed in Zürich and took a more or less 4 hours train ride to Bellinzona, the capital of Ticino.

My Trip
My Trip

Bellinzona was our base from where we could easily reach the more famous places like Lugano, Locarno and of course Ascona. Not only is Italian the common language, everything just feels Italian.. the streets, the cuisine, the people, the names, the atmosphere.. you name it.

Bellinzona is tucked away between the mountains. The highlights are 3 castles that used to safeguard the Alps. We stayed in the beautiful Hotel Internazionale & Spa which is very conveniently located right across the railway station and on top of the “shopping mile” in Bellinzona.  A special THANK YOU goes to the hotel director and his team. They were all amazing and extremely helpful. We lost a bag with some camera equipment in the middle of the night and they really did their utmost to assist.
The highlight of our culinary excursion has surely been lunch at the Grotto Castlegrande. Main course was rabbit.. I guess if we hadn’t known, it’d been OK for all of us, but since we did, I am sure that not all of us really enjoyed eating rabbit. It’s a new country, new traditions and you just have to give it a try.

The rest of the trip was less exciting from a culinary point of view. We learnt that the Swiss/ Italians like to do Aperos.. which is basically meeting in a bar after work, get together, order drinks and therefore get finger food snacks for free. This is also where we ordered Tequilla shots and we got tall glasses full of Tequilla. In one glass were probably 4 shots of Tequilla. I must compliment the guys!  They did well by finishing it. (That was the same evening we lost the bag with some of the camera equipment – no one sees the correlation though).

 Lugano, Locarno and Ascona are just beautiful cities right at the water of different lakes. La Dolce Vita!

Gabbani - famous Gourmet Shop
Gabbani – famous Gourmet Shop
Lugano with the beautiful Miss South Africa
Lugano with the beautiful Miss South Africa



Stunning Switzerland

Last year October I was writing a post about partnering with a TV lifestyle show and taking them to Croatia… To refresh your memory, here it is:

Some time ago another opportunity came up to promote the airline I am working for.. and this time, I didn’t let the opportunity slip through of going with! So, two weeks ago, I went on this amazing trip to Switzerland with Top Billing (the local TV lifestyle show I was talking about).

The theme of the trip was “Summer in Switzerland”. It was all about activities visitors can do in Switzerland in summertime. Switzerland better known as a skiing destination, wants to promote its sunny side to the rest of the world. I guess in some parts of the world people think that it is snowing all year round in Switzerland. Well, we saw picture perfect Heidi-landscapes, lush forests, picturesque mountain ranges (yes, with snow-capped mountains) and post card like villages. The programme was packed.. in just 3 days we visited Lucerne, took a boat trop, adventured in a robepark,  filmed how to make pralinés, learned about history, had a panoramic train ride, went up the mountains, blew the Alphorn, were taught how to make cheese fondue, stayed in one of the best hotels in Switzerland, did Paragliding, and rounded it all up with a local beer at Hooters (oh yes.. the boys…).

It was the first time that I had a view behind the scenes. It was rather interesting to see how a travel feature on TV is made.  The crew was fun, too. We laughed so much and had a great time together –  not always a given when you are forced together for 14 hours a day and longer. The presenter, who is a local celebrity was way too much fun, too. Down to earth and humble – so basically the opposite of what I expected him to be (I really feared, I’d have to deal with a male diva). It went so well, that we would like to plan more trips overseas. To promote the airline, obviously..