Saas-FeeMy work takes me quite often to Switzerland and I was lucky enough to have been invited by Switzerland Tourism to explore this amazing country. Usually landing at the international hub of Zurich, best way to get through the country would be by train.

Explore this section with me to find out what Switzerland has to offer.. from breathtaking sceneries to vibey cities and cultures.

A great source to plan your holiday is also to have a look at Switzerland Tourism’s website.

As you probably know Switzerland has three main regions divided by the language used and believe me, depending on which language is spoken you get the feeling of being in a complete different country. La Dolce Vita feeling in the Italian speaking part, La Vie chic in the French speaking part and then a bit of stiffness in the German speaking part.

Discover for yourself which part you prefer. Just click into the link.

Ticino – I had a taste of La Dolve Vita last year. It’ the Italian speaking part in the very south of Switzerland.

Saas-Fee – Read more about our magical winter wonderland adventure in a small skiing resort in the Swiss Alps.

Summer in Switzerland

Bern – The Swiss Capital read more about my Bern experience.

St Moritz – Top of the World read about my trip to St Moritz for the St Moritz Gourmet Festival 2016.

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