This is a digital version of my travel diary. I started to write about my trips so that I won’t forget and with time I realized how useful it could be to others when planning a trip. Potentially at least! I am trying to give short recommendations what to do and what to see in a specific destination. I feel we sometimes have too many choices. When it comes to travel planning, I often get overwhelmed by the sheer choice of websites, blogs etc that I can look at and planning the trip becomes stressful even before you leave. Joy of an upcoming trip can turn into a nightmare.. for me at least.

So, if I’ve been somewhere and you are planning to go there next, take ideas from me and add your own flavor.

I hope it helps and you enjoy.

Happy travels.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. As part of the “thirty-something year old German living in South Africa”-club, this is exactly what I will do…..lean back and letting you tell your story, which might even be partly mine….please come back from your next trip with even more “issues” (rather good than bad) with the opposite sex…the bottle of red wine is on me !

  2. Hello
    if you planing to come to Egypt i i will be here handle every thing for you hotel , and excursions to visit Hurghada and Luxor
    but you are blogger and you review me and write arrtical about my website

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