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A few months ago I was introduced to a lovely woman. We have a common friend and were both invited over for dinner. German dinner – Maultaschen. It happened that we were sitting next to each other and naturally we started talking. As it turns out I followed this lady’s travel blog for quite a while already. Actually not only her blog, in fact all her social media accounts.

So it happened that I asked her if she’d be keen to join us (us as in Swiss International Air Lines) on our next media trip which  I was about to plan. She was.

Two weeks back, we sent a hand full of journalists and bloggers off to Switzerland.

Read all about it here: The Incidental Tourist – SWISS feature or have a look at her homepage.

Just a pity that I wasn’t able to join… as I accompanied the TV crew a few weeks earlier, it was my colleagues turn to accompany this trip. Well, next time…

We created the #SwitzerlandwithSWISS – check out Instagram and Twitter to see, read and learn all about the great trip we organized together with Switzerland Tourism.
If you feel inspired, check out MySwitzerland for travel ideas. Switzerland is not only a skiing destination, it is also stunning and most beautiful in summer, no matter if you look for adventure like mountain biking or canyoning or just some picture perfect sight-seeing.

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