Zurich with Lunga Shabalala

Yesterday, the second part of our trip to Switzerland was aired. I had the pleasure of accompanying the Cheeky Media crew to Zürich to shoot for their amazing tv show The Man Cave. I am definitely not a person who enjoys the spotlight, but this was actually a lot of fun. Lunga is a hottie, charming and made it very easy for me.

Zürich is a great city and definitely worth a visit. Very expensive though, like the whole of Switzerland I suppose. Lunga reckons he’ll own a flat in Zürich downtown within the next 5 years. I believe in him. He is an ambitious young man and he’ll definitely achieve a lot over the next few years. He is just at the beginning of his career.

We were lucky enough to have stayed at the Glockenhof Hotel. A prestigious Best Western Premier hotel with a prime location. Just a pity that we only stayed for one night. The room was huge, the bathroom too. Breakfast was delicious. I could have really stayed longer.

I hope to be back soon!

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