Reasons why I love Jo’burg #4 – Indian Summer

Winter is supposed to be here…I remember clearly May’s first weekend last year. I just came back from a stunning Colombia and Prague trip and I was welcomed back by rain and the cold. No sign of winter this year around. It is actually hot hot hot.

I love summer, don’t get me wrong. But I was ready for winter already. Having already bought gorgeous winter outfits, I want to wear them!!! And soups.. I can’t wait for it to be cold enough to enjoy all the tasty Woolie’s soups.  Instead I am wearing shorts and getting sun-burned.

Am I seriously complaining? I don’t mean to because I am actually loving it. The warmth, the colours.. especially the colours. Just amazing. It reminds me so much of Europe in autumn. Colourful leaves all over Jozi – so beautiful.

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