South Africa – the media starlett

I spent a lazy Friday evening on my new couch and just watched TV – I was looking forward to a nice movie on it but there was nothing on. I have also put my plan to watch The Help this long weekend on hold, after my dear friend ZKV recommended not to watch it.. when it comes to literature, she is one of the few whose judgement I fully trust.

So, I ended up on VUZU where “The Bachelor” was screening. I’m not proud of myself to admit that I actually watched it.. but it’s one of these things, although it is completely non-sense you somehow stick with it. ( The subject might even be new content for a future post.. watch the space!!!).  Now, what made me stuck with the programme was that the episode was taking place in SOUTH AFRICA. The Bachelor and his 6 (or was it 8??) girls were all flown over and did the most amazing things: Safaris, Cape Town.

When I was in Germany few weeks ago, I was watching a bit of GERMANY’S NEXT TOP MODEL and guess what: yep, they also flew to Cape Town to shoot an episode there.

Even though, I am taking the  risk of being seen as a realility-show-junkie, I admit, that during the same trip, I also watched a bit of DANIELA KATZENBERGER (the Germans among you probably know what I am talking about – just another reality series) and …… yep, she and her best friend were also touring South Africa.

Then there was THE PERFECT DINNER that my mom was telling me about. She only watched it because it was taking place in Cape Town and she wanted to see if they also show something of the city and the surroundings.

This morning I was paging through a Germany fashion magazine which I got of the  plane. Guess where the photo shooting took place? Yep, in South Africa.. one series in Cape Town, one in the bush.

Am I really surprised??? Actually not. The country is simply a.m.a.z.i.n.g. It is beautiful, it is diverse, it has the best light in the world, the colours are just stunning. It is indeed a very special part of the world.

Come and discover this beauty yourself – my words cannot do justice. It must be true though if tv shows and magazines focus so much on it..

Amazing images on Pinterest, showing South Africa’s diversity in a glance:

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