48 hours in Seattle

First Cape Town, then Beirut and now Seattle: I seem to fall in love with cities instead of falling in love with men. Well, at least they are more reliable than  most men (Won’t leave you, won’t cheat on you, won’t let you down).  Oh, and another good thing is that you can basically be in love with more than one without having to choose.

Well, at the moment Seattle is the one I am having a serious crush on. It hit me out of nowhere. Love at first sight. Apparently, Seattle having more rainy days than sunny days, it must have been love at first sight the other way around too. How else must I interpret 3 sunny and unusually mild days in a row – beginning of February??? So, my introduction to this city could have not been any better.

Seattle and I are basically a match made in heaven: I love coffee – Seattle is based on coffee! I mean, I have never seen so many coffee shops in a city than in Seattle. Starbucks first coffee shop was opened at Pike Place Market! Still keeping the original look from 1972 and even the logo is still the old one. At least I can say, that I have been in any coffee addict’s heaven!

Second match point: Pike Place Market. I love markets. Cherries in chocolate, fresh fish (can be packed freshly to survive up to 48 hours of travelling), all sorts of fruits and of course gifts in all varieties. There is nothing more relaxing for me than walking over a market with my take away coffee in my hand. Perfect to do so in Seattle.

Third match point: Walking. At least on sunny days, walking through town is just delightful. I never thought I’d say that, but living in Jo’burg where no one who owns a car ever walks (not even to go to the shop around the corner), I really appreciate the freedom of walking through town. And so we walked… from the Waterfront all the way to Lake Union (and back). At Lake Union I had the pleasure of going onboard a seaplane and take a flight over the city – which was just amazing (so a big THANK YOU goes out to my pilot).

Fourth match point: Delicious food. Since Seattle is a coastal town fresh seafood of all sorts can be found anywhere. Not to miss the vast variety of oysters (all cultivated around Seattle of course).

Match Point #1: Coffee!!! First Starbucks Shop (image courtesy of starbucksmelody.com)
Match Point #2: Pike Place Market
Match Point #3: Lovely Cityscape (taken onboard)
Match Point #4: delicious Seafood (this pictures our second sample of oysters)

I only spent 48 hours in Seattle.. just enough to give me a glimpse into the character of this city and enough to give me appetite for more. I enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere, the coffee-culture, the architecture of downtown and the sneak-preview I had into Capitol Hill…

My verdict: I’ve spent the best 48 hours in a very long time in a city that needs to be explored more (maybe I should look for a job at Microsoft or Boeing). I have enjoyed great company and got spoilt rotten.  33 hours in the plane to spend 48 in Seattle were more than worth it!

Expectations, expectations, expectations

I expected 2011 to be a great year! All the right signs were there.. and it did start off amazingly with fulfilling a childhood-dream: visiting the Pyramids of Giza!!  On top of that, another highlight (this time a teenage-dream) of the egypt-trip was spending quality time with the man who had really gotten under my skin.

From then on the remaining part of the year 2011 (356/365) can be written off. Just like a car after a fatal accident when you are left behind to bury the dead (literally).

I guess it is just natural and probably a bit of self-protection to not expect ANYTHING at all of 2012! In fact, I already know that the first half of this year will just continue as 2011 ended. I know this because my horoscope told me that Saturn will stay in my sign and only leave in September.. and apparently Saturn is not a good planet to have in my star sign (mmmhhhh.. although I admit this sounds almost a bit too esoteric for my taste..).
Yet again, just because I have read my horoscope already it will happen exactly like they predict – self-fulfilling prophecy! Nothing I can do. Besides that, I also know that I still have to clean up that mess after the mentioned car crash and only once that is done (which will most probably take until mid-year) 2012 will get better! So, if I want to admit it or not.. the horoscope is absolutely right!

Nevertheless , there is a light at the end of the tunnel.. even in the gloomy looking first half of 2012: a trip to Seattle is planned! Starting in 3 1/2 weeks…oops.. do I start to sound almost enthusiastic?? I have to hold myself back.. So, maybe I should just expect the worst??? A boring trip during the coldest time with damn long flying hours, and so on and so on… Well, if I do that then it can actually only get better and maybe it will go into my very own history of best, most spectacular and most memorable trips ever? Therefore, I have no expectations whatsoever neither for this trip, nor for 2012 and I am just excited to be surprised what 2012 will be like!