Expectations, expectations, expectations

I expected 2011 to be a great year! All the right signs were there.. and it did start off amazingly with fulfilling a childhood-dream: visiting the Pyramids of Giza!!  On top of that, another highlight (this time a teenage-dream) of the egypt-trip was spending quality time with the man who had really gotten under my skin.

From then on the remaining part of the year 2011 (356/365) can be written off. Just like a car after a fatal accident when you are left behind to bury the dead (literally).

I guess it is just natural and probably a bit of self-protection to not expect ANYTHING at all of 2012! In fact, I already know that the first half of this year will just continue as 2011 ended. I know this because my horoscope told me that Saturn will stay in my sign and only leave in September.. and apparently Saturn is not a good planet to have in my star sign (mmmhhhh.. although I admit this sounds almost a bit too esoteric for my taste..).
Yet again, just because I have read my horoscope already it will happen exactly like they predict – self-fulfilling prophecy! Nothing I can do. Besides that, I also know that I still have to clean up that mess after the mentioned car crash and only once that is done (which will most probably take until mid-year) 2012 will get better! So, if I want to admit it or not.. the horoscope is absolutely right!

Nevertheless , there is a light at the end of the tunnel.. even in the gloomy looking first half of 2012: a trip to Seattle is planned! Starting in 3 1/2 weeks…oops.. do I start to sound almost enthusiastic?? I have to hold myself back.. So, maybe I should just expect the worst??? A boring trip during the coldest time with damn long flying hours, and so on and so on… Well, if I do that then it can actually only get better and maybe it will go into my very own history of best, most spectacular and most memorable trips ever? Therefore, I have no expectations whatsoever neither for this trip, nor for 2012 and I am just excited to be surprised what 2012 will be like!

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