Discover your own city

I’ve done it in other cities, so why not in my own city. I’ve sent visitors on it, but never went on my own. So, with time off work and another visitor arriving in Johannesburg, I thought, let me give it a try, too. And so I ended on the Red City Sightseeing Bus discovering Johannesburg.  Since I last put a visitor on the bus, a lot has changed to the positive. Starting point is now directly at Rosebank (used to be Park Station), they added the Green Tour to start with which takes you through the leafy suburbs of Rosebank, Parktown, Houghton, Parkview, past Zoo Lake, the Zoo and finally stops at Constitution Hill where you can swap to the Red Tour which takes you through Braamfontain, through downtown Jozi, the south of Johannesburg and stops at the Apartheid Museum. From there, you can now swap into a Red mini bus and start your Soweto tour.



My highlights: 

  • seeing the Northern Suburbs from a higher perspective by sitting on the upper level. You can actually look over all the fences and walls and see the most amazing manor houses.
  • Constitution Hill! A definite must for every South African. The Constitutional Court Building is accessible for visitors and it’s definitely worth to see. Amazing art is displayed in the public areas. Constitution Hill itself is definitely worth a walk around.
  • The narrative on the bus is brilliantly done, I still learned a lot by driving through town.
  • We had a local Soweto guy who was our Soweto Tour guide and he was brilliant – Mbali Blessing is his name.


My lowlights: 

  • Carlton Centre: which is one of the stops on the Red Tour. You can go up to the 50th level and have a 360 degree view of greater Johannesburg. However, the so called “Eye of Africa” really needs a makeover, or at least a clean up. At least the windows would need a clean up.
  • If you book the Soweto Tour you won’t really make it inside the Apartheid Museum due to time constraints, which is a pity, cause this should really be a Must for anyone visiting Johannesburg.
  • Unfortunately there is also not enough time to walk around in Soweto a lot. There is so much more to do. So, the 2 hours tour is good for a first insight, but not long enough (however, Mbali offers private longer tours on his days off.. ask him if you want to and have time) He will even walk through his neighborhood with you and introduce you to the locals and yes, you can feel pretty safe with him.

If you plan to visit Johannesburg or if you live there.. give it a try! It is definitely worth it.


My first guest blog contribution

Recently, I had the honour to collaborate with another South African blogger, Jacqui, and last week my first guest blog contribution was published on “The Jax Blog”.

If you are interested to read what you can do in Athens if you only have 48 hours or even less, head over to The Jax Blog and read all about it.


This video by Dawn, the Incidental Tourist, reviews our trip to Switzerland much better than any of my words could have ever done!

A group of 7 people travelled to Switzerland from 04-09 December 2015 and I couldn’t have asked for a better end to 2015! I strengthened friendships, I’ve gotten to known acquaintances on a much better level, I learnt so much from each individual of the group as well as learning from an energetic group dynamic I have never experienced before.  I’ve learned that you can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel. I’ve learnt that surrounding myself with the inspiring people who travelled with me lifts me up, gives me a new perspective on many things. I’ve learnt that this county has an amazing youth that will help to make this country great. I’ve learnt that travelling in uneven numbers can be fun and that there won’t necessarily be a 5th wheel on the wagon (well in our case a 7th). I’ve learnt to love the cold weather. I have fallen #inlovewithSwitzerland.

Thanks you to those who made me learn all of these things and so much more.

Follow Dawn on her YouTube channel for more inspiring videos.


Dear All,

I am overwhelmed by an article about me that Caroline Hurry, one of South Africa’s Top Ten travel bloggers, recently published on her blog Travelwrite. I am overwhelmed by her warm words for me, by the response I received from friends and family and by the stats of my travel diary skyrocketing after Caroline’s article was published.

I first met Caroline about two years ago when she was invited to one of our press trips to beautiful Switzerland and since then we have become friends, although I don’t see her as often as I would like to, I guess we are both just too busy. She is an amazing writer and her writing style makes me laugh out loud everything I read her stuff. She is just amazing. She even published a book a couple of years ago: “Handbook of the Huntress”.  Caroline once gave me a signed copy after I briefed her in on my extremely good instinct when choosing a man.

Caroline’s words about me amazed me and stunned me, made me feel proud and I wondered if she was really talking about me. I did not recognize myself in her article, but this probably is my biggest challenge.. that I don’t see myself the way others see me. But then again, who does?? We all have our own perception of ourselves, we might feel low in self esteem, others see us shining of self confidence. Same goes for the other way around. We often have this preconceived picture of someone in our head when in fact that person sees him/herself completely different.. But this is probably a whole new blog post.

My very own blog here – if you can call it a blog, because I am certainly not a writer and I write in a foreign language, so I don’t even want to go into all my grammatical or spelling mistakes – is more of a diary, maybe more for myself than for anyone else. Which is probably a contradiction in itself since it is on a public and easy accessible platform. However, I realized that I forget easily, be it experiences, places, names etc. so, this blog serves as an easy reference to look things up or if one of my friends asks me for recommendations in Cape Town for example, I can again, easily refer them to here.

Therefore, thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my thoughts, my experiences, my adventurous dramas. I appreciate it very much.

Much love


Zanzibar – The Spice Island

I made it! To Zanzibar and to my first holiday on my own. The latter was both a conscious decision and a coincidence at the time of booking. For  some time, the thought of going on a holiday just on my own with as many books as I can possibly pack was evolving in my mind. When I received the newsletter with this amazing Zanzibar offer, I just couldn’t resist and no one was available to join me.. so I booked a nice looking holiday resort, I downloaded 5 audio books and I left! Continue reading “Zanzibar – The Spice Island”

Hello world!

Sometimes my life seems to be the perfect script for a soap opera: funny, dramatic, eventful, never boring, always on the road (or rather in the air), jetting between two continents on a monthly basis and the usual issues with the opposite sex.  So why not write about it and let others share a good laugh with me? That’s exactly what I decided to do after recent not-so-nice incidents that kind of knocked me down: leaning back and looking at my life from an outside perspective! And then all of a sudden, things don’t appear so dramatic, painful or heartbreaking any longer but rather comical!

 Oh and since I’m going to tell true-life stories, I might refer to the one or other family member, friend, neighbour and all sorts of people I came into contact with. I won’t mention names and since I am a typical Libra, I will stay fair and honest in my story telling and under no circumstances will it get below the belt line – so no fears my friends and relatives! No dirty secrets – I promise!!