Hello world!

Sometimes my life seems to be the perfect script for a soap opera: funny, dramatic, eventful, never boring, always on the road (or rather in the air), jetting between two continents on a monthly basis and the usual issues with the opposite sex.  So why not write about it and let others share a good laugh with me? That’s exactly what I decided to do after recent not-so-nice incidents that kind of knocked me down: leaning back and looking at my life from an outside perspective! And then all of a sudden, things don’t appear so dramatic, painful or heartbreaking any longer but rather comical!

 Oh and since I’m going to tell true-life stories, I might refer to the one or other family member, friend, neighbour and all sorts of people I came into contact with. I won’t mention names and since I am a typical Libra, I will stay fair and honest in my story telling and under no circumstances will it get below the belt line – so no fears my friends and relatives! No dirty secrets – I promise!!


5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Well to say that I am intrigued by your new ”calling” is an understatement! Will follow your posts like a boat sailing along the atlantic sea 😉 Ahhhh how bliss travelling is!

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