Fast forward time

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.. It is still Valentine’s month and my thoughts about dating, men, love and travels continue.

So, it is Saturday morning and I am on  my way to Cape Town. Sitting in a coffee shop waiting to board my flight and I see this elderly lady sitting next to me. I guess she is in her late 70’s, travelling with one of these stunning rustic looking safari bags, a really old book next to her (could as well be a travel diary) and enjoying her coffee just like I do. Then the thought pops into my head that this could be me in 40 years.

I am pretty good at travelling on my own. I never feel lonely, I am not scared to wander the streets of a foreign city on my own, I am not embarrassed to ask for a table for one at a restaurant and I can pretty much entertain myself. So many people think that you need to find a partner, that this is the only goal in life that counts. Even my mom keeps on telling me that I should perhaps look for someone to share my life with. Openly speaking, I don’t share this opinion. My life goal is to be happy, to travel to foreign places, to discover the world and to be content with myself. What is wrong with this? Perhaps some people are not made to be one half of a couple, perhaps some people are pretty much enough?

…. my thoughts for today…

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