The gem that is Alicante

Alicante is rather underrated. When you think of going to Spain, you’d probably think of Barcelona, Madrid, Andalusia, perhaps even Valencia, probably Bilbao or recently San Sebastián or Santiago de Compostela.But next time you think Spain, think of Alicante, too. It’s south enough to have year round beautiful weather (compared to the north of Spain), it’s a perfect holiday destination with the right mix of beach, culture, shopping and gourmet’ing. It is still relatively unspoilt by tourists.. well, you have the Germans or Brits with holiday houses but not the masses of short-term tourists you find in Barcelona or the north. I flew to Alicante last year with a direct flight from Zurich on Swiss International Air Lines, but saw that a lot of direct flights from all over Europe arrived at the same time (especially from Scandinavia.. they must surely love the sun).

Here are some impressions of the old town of Alicante:


Monte Benacantil

Monte Benacantil

Plaza de La Santisima Faz

Sant Cruz

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz
And here is a restaurant recommendation from a South African Chef: If you are in the area book a table at La Escaleta by chef Kiko Moya.

Restaurant recommendation from my fine dining lovers, uncle & aunt: Nou Manolin. Photo credit also goes to them. Thank you for always giving me content.

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