Reasons why I love Jo’burg #6 – Kramerville

Sundays in Kramerville

The hype about Kramerville has been around for a while now – so it’s not as if I am giving away any secret insider tips..Yet, it seems the hype hasn’t slowed down yet, like it is the case with so many trendy things. Instead there are continuously new places opening and new things to explore.

The latest edition, maybe not so new, but new to me, is The Tin Factory. Check out their Facebook page to get some impressions. It is an event venue but I can just imagine that very soon, it will be partially open to the public too.. once-a-month-things are trending right now in South Africa (first Sunday of the month lunches, First Thursdays, etc.). Located on the same premises is Dakota Lee. Their websites reads: “A perfect infusion of Tattoo Culture and Rockabilly lifestyle — DAKOTA LEE — will be in the heart of the fast becoming trendiest district of Sandton – Kramerville. DAKOTA LEE will be host to a Rockabilly Bar, retail section, Tattoo studio and once a month live band event, bringing all the elements of the Tattoo culture together.” Take not of the “once-a-month-thing” 😉

Image taken from their FB Page (Thank you) – Dakota Lee


Then of course there are the “oldies” the ones that started to make Kramerville so hip: Katy’s Palace Bar and its brother Sir James van der Merwe with their latest edition to the Family, the Milk Bar. Katy’s Palace Bar is open to the public on the first Sunday of the month for their famous harvest tables. Entertainment with a live band is guaranteed.
Sir James van der Merve is open once a week: every Wednesday for after-work drinks.

Image taken from their FB Page – Thank you!!!
Sir James van der Merwe


Btw.. Sir James van der Merwe hosts a monthly vinyl fair. Guess when: Same day as first Sunday of the month lunches.

Although, I have been talking a lot about Bars and venues, there is more to Kramerville than just entertainment, there is design specifically interior design. In fact Kramerville is probably most famous for its density of interior design shops. From fabrics to kitchens, to furniture, to bathroom tabs, to carpets, to lightening and anything else in between. There is a Hertex fabric shop, the only Bulthaup showroom in Johannesburg, a Weylandt’s flagship store (with a café – The Kitchen) and many more.. Check it out.
Underneath Katy’s Palace Bar, you’ll find Amatuli Artifacts. One of my favourite interior stores where you can find deco items from all over Africa and South East Asia.

Go and explore Kramerville.. be it on a Saturday morning to check out what shops there are around (there are many more than the one I mentioned), on a Wednesday after work for a sun downer with a stunning view of a Sandton sunset or if you are looking for a trendy venue for a function, you won’t be disappointed with one of my favourite areas of Sandton.

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