Hamburg meine Perle

I fell in love with Hamburg. Nope, it wasn’t love at first sight.. only several years after my first visit it clicked between us. Sort of like being good friends for a while, keeping in touch every now and then, never losing the connection even if not seeing each other for some time and then comes that one day, when time and place are just perfect – crash, boom, bang! Hooked.

Hafen – Port
Rainy days…
Elbe Cruise
Alte Post


I enjoyed great bonding and quality time with my brother, who has become a really cool grown up and a very knowledgeable city guide on top. I learned a lot about the age old conflict of lefties and the city senate… I’d say Hamburg is probably the place with the biggest left wing scene in Germany. Coincidently, I happened to be there for the 1st of May which is typically a day/ night of protests with an immense police presence.  (Tip: avoid public transport at night on Worker’s Day). Hamburg with its rich history, its beautiful sightseeing attractions, its interesting mix of people, its charming metropolitan flair is definitely worth a visit.

If you are keen to go on a virtual tour through Hamburg with me.. or rather my walking tour exploring Hamburg, check here – I put together my highlights of my trip to Hamburg.

2 thoughts on “Hamburg meine Perle

  1. Love your new domain, Danica, and really enjoyed your photo-reportage on Hamburg. Brought back great memories for me from a visit about four years ago. Your description of it being like keeping in touch with a good friend from time to time was perfect! Love the image of the buildings reflected in the water too. Thank you!

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