Reasons why I love Jo’burg #6 – Kramerville

Sundays in Kramerville

The hype about Kramerville has been around for a while now – so it’s not as if I am giving away any secret insider tips..Yet, it seems the hype hasn’t slowed down yet, like it is the case with so many trendy things. Instead there are continuously new places opening and new things to explore. Continue reading “Reasons why I love Jo’burg #6 – Kramerville”

Transforming into a Sandtonista

This is my second post about Sandton in just a week!
The thing is that Sandton is actually not worth writing home about. Attributes like “boring”, “bland”, “unelectrified”, “unthrilled” (and so on and so on..) would have probably popped into most people’s minds (at least the ones I know) and I was certainly one of them. Until today! I was invited to a after work thingy on the San Deck at the Sandton Sun! What a stunning place! Wow!!

The view: just amazing
The set-up: interior (or rather exterior) excellence
The people: cosmopolitan mix
The verdict: the perfect after- work -drinks or weekend-sundowner-place!!

Sandton is really gearing up (with a lot of changes done and finished) and becoming a hot spot in the Jozi scene again!

San Deck @ the Sandton Sun


Christmas Madness

It’s this time of the year again… shopping malls decorated for Christmas way too early. I really don’t understand why it is not early enough to start on the 24th of November.. A month of christmas decoration is surely enough time, or not?

So, this morning I decided to rise early and pay the newly opened Protea Court at Sandton City a visit. My curiosity won over my cautiousness (big mistake). I had actually decided to wait at least for two weeks and let the first hype subside before I expose myself to the masses. The first ZARA store in Southern Africa opened it doors a few days ago at Sandton City. I knew it would be madness to go there at the beginning…. But I just couldn’t resist this morning. Not only did I want to compare prices to a ZARA store in Europe (I knew that alone the 25% import taxes would be added on top), but I also wanted to see what other shops Protea Court has to offer. Firstly, I have to say that the architecture of this new part of Sandton City is really a highlight. The name reveals it already: the whole construction looks like a Protea – just beautiful. Secondly, I want to add that the new selection of shops is a valuable addition to the shopping scene in South Africa. Last but not least, I want to mention that the christmas decoration is well done – modern South African style! Not bad – compliments to the decorator!

Christmas decoration at Sandton City
Baobab tree at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton

 Although I’m already spending my 7th pre-christmas season in South Africa, I still have to get used to inverted conditions: hot, summer, parties, braais. It somehow messes with your system just like a jet lag does. Being raised in the northern hemisphere, pre-christmas time is indoor-time, family-time, fireplace-time and most of all: Christmas market and Gluehwein-time! This is something I really miss. How nice would it be to have christmas market huts all over Nelson Mandela Square, right under the Baobab tree??? Maybe not serving Gluehwein, but what about Icewein???

Christmas market in Frankfurt