Solotrip to Budapest

I just did it! I just went ahead and booked 3 nights in Budapest. All alone. There were two possible options of friends (living in Europe) who were thinking of joining me but in the end couldn’t make it. However, I told myself, if I wait for others to go with me, I’d wait forever – I guess that’s the downside of being single. On the other side.. if I think about it, my ex loved his TV shows or his sports (on TV mostly) too much to make a move on the weekend anyway, so it doesn’t really matter, I guess.

Solotrip to Budapest, just me, myself and this beautiful city


Anyway, I bought a mini travel guide called: “10 things to do in Budapest”, studied the map of Budapest to choose the best located hotel, booked a flight and had anxiety attacks for a few days before I left. Continue reading “Solotrip to Budapest”