48 hours in Singapore

48 hours are definitely not long enough. Don’t do it! Don’t just stop over on your way to Aussie Land, Bali or wherever your journey takes you. Spend some time there and discover.. if your wallet allows for it because, gosh, Singapore is expensive. Therefore you get a super clean, super save city. I’ve heard about the cleanness before and yet, I was still surprised.

I was lucky enough to know a couple of people, so on my first night Teddy took me the famous Marina Bay Sands (on my request). Of course I had romanticized it beforehand and was under the impression that you can go to the probably most instagramed infinity pool in the world – fact is you need to be a hotel guest. Oh well.. Teddy still showed me the most insane view of Singapore and we had a drink at one of the bars – Cé La Vi. If you don’t know a local to show you around, make sure you know beforehand where you want to go – there are 3 tower entrances and each one takes you to a different part of the roof. Knowing a well connected chef in South Africa who asked me after my trip if I went to his friend’s restaurant at Marina Bay Sands, didn’t really help either – I should have know this before hand. Because I went to Singapore pretty clueless and unprepared. So, if you plan to go, go to Sky 57 by Justin Quek (recommended by a chef).

Thank you Teddy for a great first impression of Singapore


Jetlag didn’t hit me – so the next day was spent just walking around. My hotel was conveniently located  right on Orchard Road, Singapore’s main shopping street. I can’t even tell you how many miles I walked. Clueless as I was, I just walked and walked and walked. Ventured into some side streets, saw the most beautiful little houses on Emerald Hill, made my way to China Town (thank you Lorinda for this last minute twitter recommendation – you gotta love social media), and didn’t have time to visit Little India.
Sundowner’s were sipped on at South Bridge, another rooftop bar with amazing skyscraper views. Exactly my vibe – Olivier, you chose well!

South Bridge Bar

View from South Bridge

View from South Bridge

View from South Bridge


Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill

China Town
What I missed and why I need to go back one day:

What I really wanted to see was the Garden on the Bay – I’ve seen pictures of it and it reminded me of a real life Avatar World. Especially in the evenings when they have the light shows.
Little India  is where I’d also go to on my next visit.

And shopping.. Don’t forget shopping, preferably with an unlimited credit card 🙂

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