Saas-Fee: a magical winter wonderland

My confession: I don’t know how to ski. I never even made it to a proper skiing resort for a holiday. I have always been the type of holiday maker that would rather chill in the sun by the beach than being active on the slopes ( to add: in the cold). Up until very recently.I had the pleasure of taking a media group of 6 amazing people to Switzerland. I think I’ve mentioned it before that once a year I get to do such a trip which is without a doubt the highlight of my working year. This year I might even go a step further and call it the highlight of my year period. Part of the itinerary was a visit to Saas-Fee. I never heard of it before, so I had to google it first to see where we are actually going. Well, as you can imagine, it is hidden somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Relatively close to Zermatt and the Matterhorn.. in case those names ring a bell. We got there on our 3rd day of the trip and each day we didn’t expect it’d be possible to outdo the previous one. Saas-Fee however exceeded all our expectations.  Already the journey through the Saas valley is an experience. Steep mountainsides and deep gorges hint at the sheer forces of nature that occur here. Traffic-free Saas-Fee has managed to hold on to its rustic character despite state of the art infrastructure. With its old Valaisian wooden houses and grain barns Saas-Fee has retained its original village character. About 1500 people live there offering 10.000 bed nights. That’s just crazy.

Just looking at the mountains when waking up, talking a walking tour through the village and going to the ski slopes (without skiing – nope I still didn’t manage to take lessons), taking the cable car all the up to the summit, made me feel so content and happy. Indeed a magical winter wonderland, just how I have always imagined it to be. I fell in love with a winter holiday in the snow, with being active on the slopes, freezing, warming up with an après ski drink or a visit to the Sauna. Spending time in a romantic little mountain village with Mr. Right and a couple of friends. Just like in the video to “Last Christmas” which by the way was shot right there in Saas-Fee… That would be my picture perfect winter holiday.

We were hosted by The Capra, one of the only two  5* star hotels in Saas-Fee. We were the lucky ones to be called the first guests before the official opening. A first for me and the rest of the crew.

The look and feel of the hotel is just like one imagines a typical Swiss alps chalet. Wooden rustic rooms yet with a modern luxury twist. All rooms have been converted to suits which again helps to give the chalet impression because you basically have a lounge and a bedroom. All of them with a huge balcony all around. Stunning view from all the rooms or suits rather. But not only the suits are outstanding, also the common used areas, like restaurant or lounge where there is a fire place which just invites you to embrace the romantic holiday feeling. The spa/ wellness area is great too. We made use of the Jacuzzi, the Sauna and the steam room. Perfect after a long day out in the cold. A huge compliment goes out to the staff. So welcoming and friendly. Everyone made us feel like friends more like visitors. (Oh.. and I forgot to mention that the chef is a 2* Michelin chef who takes a winter break from his restaurant in Rome to spoil the taste buds of all The Capra visitors – Oliver Glowig.. best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had.. I just say: Hundred Foot Journey  – that explains it all.)
Pity though we missed the  grand opening party..

Men out there.. if you want to take your girlfriend/wife/sidechick on a romantic getaway this is the place to go!


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