Namib Desert: the land God created in anger – so they say

The 24th September marks “Heritage Day”, a public holiday in South Africa. So, this year I decided to take the opportunity and go away for a long weekend. Why not Namibia.. It is close enough (so we thought at least) and since Namibia’s history is somewhat connected to my German heritage it was a good ankle why to chose it.

I grabbed a hottie and we planned a long weekend trip. (Initially we were supposed to be three but at the end it was only hottie and myself). What we didn’t know though, was that the lodge we booked was the almost perfect romantic getaway you book for your honeymoon. Since hottie is a commitment-phobe and “simply isn’t good in romantic stuff” ( quoting his own words) and I am also not your typical romantic woman, we felt a little out of place and didn’t quite know how to behave at first. After we got that out of our system we were much more relaxed and could actually enjoy it all.

Desert Homestead Outpost
Desert Homestead Outpost
Loved the pool deck.. hottie in action
Loved the pool deck.. hottie in action
View from our little patio.. loved the
View from our little patio.. loved the “nothing”

But let’s start at the beginning.. so, we caught a flight to Windhoek International Airport (be up for a surprise how small it is if you should ever get there). We fetched our rental car and drove another good 6(!!!) hours to get to our lodge which is still about 30km before Sesriem. Basically a whole day spent in the car. But it was so worth it. Even though the landscape might appear rough and lifeless, there is something about it that calms you down, gives you peace and balance. It felt like you are in the middle of a Mad Max movie. Hottie compared it to Tatooine (where Luke Skywalker grew up..) Surreal!

The next day, took us into the sand to these famous red dunes of Sossusvlei. Pity we didn’t get to see the sunrise on top of the dunes.. This pleasure is only for those who have a 4×4 and who stay inside the national park.. Sunset from up there would have also been nice..
Nonetheless we got to climb up Big Daddy (one of the highest dunes) and let me tell you.. it was quite tough. The view from the top is simply amazing and worth the burning calves. Running, jumping, rolling down the biggest fun. The walk through the Deadvlei plain and the famous burnt trees at the end it must have been one of the most intense experiences I have ever had.

Big Daddy
Big Daddy





Doing all of this in close to 40 degrees Celsius left us tired and worn out. Time to chill at the pool.

And that’s basically what the next day consisted of: pool time. Forth day: another 6 hours drive to catch the plane back home.

It was so worth it! I could’ve easily stayed another couple of days. So peaceful, it really gives you the opportunity to clock out of life for a little bit. Interrupted WiFi connectivity at the lodge helps too. You really don’t need to stay connected to the world out there. You are connected to the world right there and then.


  • there is no problem getting to Sesriem with a normal sedan, you basically only need a 4×4 for the dunes
  • if you don’t have one, your lodge will probably offer excursions to the dunes with a guide. Not cheap though but worth it
  • don’t go when there is a full moon! the light will actually block out all the stars. Most lodges offer “sleeping under the stars”.. Not going to happen when the almost full moon shines right into your face like a torch
  • Go as a couple, it is one of the most romantic places on earth! Or at least go with a hot travel partner:-)

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