Proudly German #3… Palatinate Wine Selection

Quite recently I was part of a dinner party when the topic turned to wines. As the dinner party was hosted in South Africa the conversation was mainly about South African wines, then a bit about Spanish reds and on to Californian blends. I kept quiet and just listened.. listened to want-to-be sommeliers and just-for-fun wine-lovers. Maybe because I didn’t really partake in the conversation someone just wanted to be polite and involve me, or whatever the reason might have been, I was asked which kind of wine I’d prefer. I would have probably answered something in the line of: “a Merlot, Kleine Zalze, 2006 was a pretty good year”… not really interested in the conversation anyway and happy to have given a sociably acceptable answer. BUT.. Continue reading “Proudly German #3… Palatinate Wine Selection”