Capri in a nutshell

Capri is without a doubt one of these must-have-seen-must-have-been-seen bucket list items for many travellers. Associated with La Dolce Vita, famous Capri sunsets, jet-set lifestyle, yachts and spotting the rich and the famous..

I had the opportunity to go to the island in late September, so slightly off-season. Shoulder season as we would call it in the travel industry. Slightly less busy, still crazily expensive, slightly less hot, still a summer prolongation, slightly less famous crowds, still extremely stylish.

How to get there

If you come from far away and you take a flight, best way is to fly into Naples and then take a ferry from the harbour. It is a 45min speed ferry ride. Costs of a ferry ride are roughly about €35 per person one way. Capri is car-free, so if you drove to Italy with your car, leave it in Naples (or which ever harbour you take the ferry from). A lot of island visitors are day-tourists. The quick 30km journey makes it possible to arrive in the morning, discover the island and leave again with the last ferry back to the mainland.

What to do

Upon arrival in Capri harbour, head to the funicular to get into the Main Square of Capri Town. It is quite a spectacular ride up the hill with a great view of the harbour and the sea. If you are not a day visitor, your luggage will be transported by an electric golf cart to your hotel, so you will still have to make your own way up into town. Once you are on the main square, you will probably make your way to your hotel which will give you a nice first impression of Capri Town. Tiny alleys and walkways, paved with the most stylish (and most expensive) boutiques, street-side cafés and restaurants.

There are also some great hiking trails all around the island, so if you are not up for the lifestyle of the rich and the famous, put your hiking shoes on and discover the island by foot. One of the most beautiful trails starts at the Arco Naturale. You will walk down a thousand steps but don’t worry, you don’t have to climb them up again.

For a more casual stroll visit the Gardens of Augustus which not only offers a great view but also beautiful landscapes to spend an afternoon in and just admire one of the morst beautiful and colourful spots on earth.

Alternatively, book a boat trip and sail around the island, sail to the Blue Grotto or to the famous Faraglioni. Ask your concierge to book you a boat trip or walk down to the harbour, there are plenty of places that you can book a tour.

Where to eat

Capri is a small island and you can basically reach the main areas by foot. Capri Town is full of restaurants and cafés. Head over to the main square for an iced coffee in the afternoon or an aperitif just before dinner.

Down by the main port is a cute sea side restaurant – Ristorante Da Gemma – perfect for a small lunch in between.

In the middle of Capri Town you will find La Capannina. A family run restaurant where the world’s A-Listers have been, yet the staff is absolutely welcoming and forthcoming to anyone. The foot was fantastic, the atmosphere authentic Italian.

Ristorante Le Grottelle is an absolutely stunning little gem which includes a walk uphill that’s more than just a stroll but totally worth it. Your heels should stay at home though.

If you are up for a drink out in outdoor bar with an incredible view over the iconic Faraglioni, head over to Capri Rooftop Lounge Bar. It is as nice during the day as it is after dark. Maybe a it more chic after dark.

Where to stay

Capri is a small island, ideal also for a day visit but if you decide to stay over you can enjoy dinner without having to rush to catch the last ferry or indulge in the Caprese nightlife. There are no real budget option if you decide to stay over, accommodation is rather on the expensive side. We were lucky enough to stay at the Tiberio Palace Hotel and what a treat that was. Besides the amazing interior design and style, the whole atmosphere is Mediterranean island style like, from the pool area to the colourful balcony tiles.


Capri hadn’t been on my must-do list and then I was taken by surprise with the opportunity to visit Capri spontaneously and I grabbed this opportunity. I stayed 3 nights and that was just perfect. It was a great trip and I am very grateful to have visited this famous island and retrospectively, yes, I’d add it to my bucket list and so should you. Make a big trip to the Amalfi Coast out of it and incorporate Capri either for a day visit or as part of the trip with an overnight stay. Capri on its own? Not necessarily but the whole area is beautiful and so worth a visit.