Lockdown in Cape Town

Cape Town Promenade

Where would I have been better off during lockdown? I had two choices.

A) Staying putt in Cape Town, living in my own place with all my stuff?

B) Leaving to Germany, staying with family, living out of a suitcase for an uncertain amount of time?

I chose Cape Town. Not sure if it was the right choice. Germany had way less stricter lockdown rules, travelling within Europe is restrictive but possible, I could’ve seen friends and family, potentially even meet up with the friends who are that side of the world somewhere in Europe and most importantly I wouldn’t feel so alone on the other side of the world.

Despite probably more pros for Europe, I am not regretting having stayed here. We had one of the toughest enforced lockdowns in the wold apparently. No alcohol and cigarette sales allowed for most of the time. International and provincial borders closed. Not allowed to leave the house except for essentials in the first six weeks, then for four weeks we were only allowed outdoors between 6am-9am for jogging, walking etc. It became gradually more relaxed and now 5 months in we are on Level 2 which is almost back to normal. International borders remain closed, so no regular air schedule in place yet. Daily life has returned to a somewhat normal state of being again.

Cape Town is a beautiful city, in between the mountains and the ocean, the wine lands a short drive away, the rough natural beauty of the West Coast not far and all of this just for us, those that stayed behind at the far end of the African continent. No tourists, just us. I am utterly enjoying the freedom of #WFH and with that comes daily prom walks either in the morning or in the late afternoon. Mountain sessions on empty trails, beach walks without a hassle to find parking.

  • Cape Town Promenade

Level 3 Advanced then finally allowed for trips within our province of residence. August – November is typically whale watching season in the Western Cape and Hermanus is a good spot to do so. Luckily the Western Cape is also home to some great wine estates. Albeit alcohol was still permitted in Level 3, most of these wine estates are just beautiful to visit and stop a bite to eat.

We are lucky to spent lockdown here and call this home. So, no regrets after all of staying here.. however, I will be flying on home as soon as it allowed again.

Things to do

Rent a SUP and cruise the canals

Easiest way to start getting a feeling for Stand Up Paddling is renting a SUP and cruising the canals. No waves make it easy to stand up and not loose your balance. The canals around the Waterfront a beautifully lined up with the One & Only Hotel, kept clean and you can watch people strolling along the sidewalks.

Rent your SUP at https://supcapetown.co.za either make a booking online or just get there. We were lucky as they weren’t super busy during lockdown and they had enough SUPs available for the 3 of us. 1 hour will cost you R220.

Lion’s Head walk-around

During Lockdown the path up Lion’s Head was closed. But there is an alternative – the walk-around. Not as steep as you don’t go up all the way, but still amazing views as you also take a 180° walk around. Starting point is the same parking. You just walk right towards the Kramat instead of up-hill.

Green Point Lanes

During Lockdown Level 4 when we were only allowed to go out in the morning between 6-9am (Sun in Cape Town only went up at around 7h30) the promenade was too busy, so I started going the other direction. Through the neighbourhood, all the way up towards Upper Green Point. There are lovely lanes with steps between Main Rd and High Level and then again between High Level and Ocean View Drive / Springbok Rd. Besides, being rewarded with a nice view once on the top, these lanes also offer a nice work-out if you go all the way up.

Check out this Facebook Group to see the cutest pics of Green Point Lanes .

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