I won – yes I actually really won – a wellness stay at the Algarve. So, flying to Lisbon was for me the only option getting there, hence why not spending a couple of days there?
I went with a really good friend of mine, we even lived together for a short period of time and I knew we’d get along – in fact it was my first proper girl’s holiday in a very very long time.For the first night we decided to stay at a cute boutique hotel in the middle of Alfama, the Memmo Alfama Hotel Apparently it offers one of the best views of this old neighbourhood and is basically in walking distance to the castle, and all sort of other sights (but to be honest, in Lisbon almost anything is in walking distance). It does in deed offer an amazing atmosphere. Alfama itself is just amazing. It’s this old neighbourhood with cobble streets all over – don’t wear heels ladies. Best to wear takkies or that sort of footwear.
Alfama also offers one of the best city views. One of them certainly at the Castelo de Sao Jorge. It costs about 8€ entrance admission but it is definitely worth it. You can easily spend a few hours there. 2 more amazing and lesser known city view spots are Lago das Portas do Sol and Lago de Sao Miquel. Both just around the corner from Santa Luzia Church.

Our amazing hotel
View from the hotel
View from the castle
View from Santa Luzia church

After a short interruption (separate Algarve post to follow) we made it back to Lisbon for another 2 nights stay. This time we stayed at the Brown’s Central Hotel and as the name suggests it is super central in the Baixa/ Chiado neighbourhood and also super close to the Bairro Alto neighbourhood. Lisbon’s center is not big and everything seems to be relatively close. It is no problem to walk everything by foot, just a bit hilly but I guess this replaces your gym routine when on holiday. Baixa and Chiado are great for shopping. You can find anything from elegant shops to mainstream chains as well as still generation owned shops with wooden counters and no electronic scanner type of cashiers.

Our hotel
Rua Augusta
Bairro Alto
Se Cathedral

I might not have to many insider recommendations and I can’t give you a detailed description of all the sights. But that can be read in any travel guide. My recommendation would be to walk.. just walk! Walk up and down the hills, get lost in the smaller side streets. Lisbon is not dangerous at all. So, even if the alley looks disserted, there is no reason to be scared even as a women alone. Walk, walk and discover! Just wear shoes that will carry you through the day! That’s my recommendation.

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