Spain is always a good idea!

Spain is always a good idea – especially when it’s winter in the southern hemisphere. Northern hemispherians never believe me when I say it gets cold in Africa. That’s so far fetched. Although I mostly love Johannesburg winters, the nights get extremely cold, houses are not built for the cold and the air is so dry. That’s why I love to escape the winter here for a little bit if I have the chance.


Now, I am lucky enough to have family with a house in the south of Spain. I have been there before. In winter funny enough. twice. The climate is probably exactly the same as in our Jo’burg winter. Warm, sunny days with a blue sky but cold freezing nights. My urge to visit them in summer was immense. Not only (but definitely mainly) to get the summer feeling, but also to experience this small little town, that no one knows) in summer and to see if it is just as sleepy as it is in winter. Well… it is not exactly Ibiza, Majorca or Barcelona. If you are looking for a real summer party, then maybe don’t go there. If you  are looking for beach, sun the sea, Spanish lifestyle, a bit of roughness, beach, sun and some more sea, then you should consider this region of Spain. It is about 70 kilometer south of Alicante, belongs to the district of Mucia and the closest bigger town is the beautiful town of Cartagena. The Mediterranean is so warm there, that they call it: Costa Calida (warm coast) it might also be because the temperatures on land is really warm there (and dry).

beach, sun and the Sea
beach yoga fun


The Marina de la Salinas, our afetr beach coffee spot
Morning walks.. all quiet


I even found a yoga studio

I found this amazing yoga studio in the next closest town. It was a 7 min drive with the car away and I went to a couple of classes while I was on holiday. Amanda, the teacher and owner of Sun Salute Yoga Studio is amazing. I learned to much in her classes. She is English, so her classes were a mixture of Spanish and English.

One of the days we went to the city of Murcia, about 40 kilometers inland. How beautiful is this old town? I didn’t count the churches they have there but it is definitely one of  Catholic stronghold. The old Bishop’s Palace is just too beautiful, the cathedral an architectural master piece. The old part of Murcia well kept and definitely worth a visit to just stroll through the old streets and sit down in one of the many taperias to east some tapas.

Cathedral of Murcia


The Bishop’s Palace
one of the churches
The streets of Murcia
The streets of Murcia
The streets of Murcia
The streets of Murcia
Murcia main square
The Bishop’s Palace


The only other exception to a beach day was a visit to Cartagena. A beautiful coastal town just about 30 kilometers from where we stayed. With its sea side location it’s got this typical Mediterranean flair of a harbor city. From the harbor you can make your way straight into the shopping mile. Unfortunately, we were so preoccupied with (window)shopping that we didn’t have time to visit the open air museum which forms part of the old town and basically shows you old Roman ruins. What we didn’t miss though, was an open air concert by a Cuban 86 years old singer who was already on tour with the Buena Vista Social Club: Omara Portuonda together with one of Spain’s most famous flamenco singers: Diego el Cigala. The setting was in an ancient amphitheater. The moon played well too: full moon. The music. Just magical. (La Mar de Musicas)

The streets of Cartagena
Probably the most famous taperia in Cartagena
One of the venues of the La Mar de Musica festival

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