Saturdays are meant to be spent in Braam

I will miss this city. That’s for sure. I hated it when I first moved here 9 years ago and I know that I will miss it like crazy when my time comes to an end here. Maybe that’s the reason why I look at it with a different eye now? Or perhaps, it has really changed over the past couple of years so much that the perception has changed too.
The world wide attention and attraction Braamfontein gets is definitely notable. I’ve seen articles in some of the top German newspapers, in some of US based travel publications ect.

Braamfontein, a precinct of Johannesburg, just before the Nelson Mandela bridge when coming from Sandton, used to be dirty, poor, rundown when I first moved here in 2007. Over the past 7-6 years it has changed into this trendy, hip, vibrant area that’s buzzing of energy. Home to the Neighbourgoods Market, Kitchener’s Bar, a sport shoe company’s concept store and many cafés filled with freelance workers of all sort of areas. It can now probably be found in every Lonely Planet and other city guides about Jo’burg.

My heart was sore today, when went there to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends. Sore, because perhaps I didn’t go that side often enough, perhaps because I know my time here comes to end soon, perhaps sore in a good way if that exists because I see how much this city has improved.  It gives a good impression of the creative hub that Jo’burg without a doubt is. A beacon of light, an insight into what this country has to offer.


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