Proud owner of a Cape Town flat

It is not a secret that I have fallen head of heels in love with Cape Town. It has been just over 9 years ago that I first arrived there and I was hooked within the first week. About two weeks ago I took my brother on a long weekend to Cape Town. It was his first visit to the Mother City.  Although he is not a man of many words, I had the impression that he liked it, too. Since we decided to buy an apartment together, it was important that he also liked the place we decided to buy in.

If you had told me three years ago, that I’d buy a place in the city that I could imagine spending the rest of my life in, I’d have not believed you.. it was a dream, that’s all it was. As it looks like: dreams do come true sometimes.

In fact an old friend whom I didn’t see for 16 years asked me 3 years ago where I’d see myself in 10 years from now (well, then). Wow, that was just a lot of “years”.  I remember that the first thing I said was that I’d like to be living in Cape Town, in my own little place. Back then, it still seemed impossible to achieve. I guess, this is just one more proof of this whole “believe in things and put it out into the universe and it will eventually happen” -thing is actually true. First thing done, so now I have another 7 years to make the second part of this “wish” come true and actually live there myself.
I was house hunting for about six months until I found a place that was within the budget, great location and nicely looking so that I’d feel comfortable to move in myself without having to do any major renovations. I found exactly that in Green Point. Green Point was the area I first lived in when I was in Cape Town as an exchange student. It is not only a vibey and trendy part of town, it is also where my heart lies. Well, at least one thing works out in Cape Town.. no need to say more:-)

Cape Town - Green Point
Cape Town – Green Point

If there was a tradition in South Africa to name your house (like they do in Spain for example), I’d name it “Michael” after my beloved late dad who is hopefully happy with the way we invested what he left us.



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