Lago di Como – a dream wedding

No, not my wedding:-) This can wait… I’m in no hurry at all (if at all).  One of my best friends was getting married and they couldn’t have chosen a more romantic location than Villa Passalacqua at Lake Como in northern Italy. No wonder I was looking forward to this dream wedding for the past six months.

All dresses packed (yip, it was a four-day-wedding – so a girl needs at least 4 dresses plus 2 back-up dresses, different shoes for every dress and so on). So, packed as if leaving for a 3 weeks trip off I went for 5 days.  The start couldn’t have been any better: I met Jim in the plane! Jim is worth mentioning because in one of my very first posts I was talking about my incredible luck when it comes to my seat neighbours. I wrote that usually they are well.. bold, fat, over 50, drinking a couple of glasses of wine and snoring.. well, this time I was lucky, because he was my age, good-looking, funny and non-alcoholic.  Technically speaking it wasn’t the first time I was lucky with my seat neighbour. The one to Berlin was very attractive, too. This was pre-arranged because I knew who he was. So, back to Jim: whose firsts words to me as I took a seat next to him were: “Hi, I just want to watch a movie and sleep!” Fine, I thought.. I want to do exactly the same! No chatting to my neighbour. Perfect!

Well, don’t ask me how it happened but we ended up talking until late at night, we had dinner together, we watched the same movie simultaneously on both our screens, we fell asleep next to each other and woke up next to each other. First date and all covered! Our topics were also quite deep.. I found out I have a blue aura, he is a meditating surfer, he told me the truth about what men want and that the other one I was telling him about “is just not that into me” (remember the movie?).. so, I’d say our first date went well – nothing to worry about. He is in a happy relationship, I am.. call it just over it for that matter. It was refreshing to see that my seat neighbour curse was finally lifted. Yeah! Looking forward to my next trips.

So, I arrived happily in Milan, was picked up by a driver who took me straight to this gem at Lake Como. It was amazing! Just like in a dream. I don’t even think my pictures will do justice.. check the website

Villa Passalacqua
Villa Passalacqua

Como2 Como3

The villa is located in the small village of Moltrasio and you can walk down to the lake, take a water taxi from there to other villages and towns around Lake Como. Which I ended up doing only once, just because it was too beautiful to be at the villa and in the gardens or at the poolside.

Most of the wedding guests (no matter where they stayed, at the villa or in the nearby town of Cernobbio gathered around the pool during the day and enjoyed a good time. The park, the villa, everything was big enough though to not get on each others nerves. It was like spending a weekend away with friends. I saw old friends again, that I haven’t seen in almost a decade, I met new friends and just had a good time.

The wedding itself was magnificent. They really pulled off a wedding that was the wedding of the year! Not only the setting was out of a fairy tale, also the bride and the groom, such a gorgeous loving couple with amazing family and friends.

It could have not been any more perfect.

In fact it was the first time, that I arrived back home and was seriously close to a depression for a few days. Usually I am happy to be back home.. my bed, my stuff, my home but this time was over shadowed by being sad that the time away has passed way to quickly. So, again: thanks my friends for giving all your wedding guests such a good time and the opportunity to experience this magnificent place. May your love and marriage be blessed with the same generosity that you give to your family and friends. Love you lots!

And to the man who should have just come along and take leave that he couldn’t take: you’d have loved it!

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