Beautiful Alsace

Once again, it dawned to me that I come from a truly beautiful area.  Middle of October I spent a weekend at home. Emotionally this is where my family comes from and where I grew up. Geographically this is somewhere in the southwest of Germany, left hand side of the River Rhein and about 10 km from the French border.  The northeast corner of Franc is called the Alsace and the nearest small town across the border is called Wissenbourg.

I remember going there quite often when I was younger. Often we’d just take our bicycles and go across the border. Each time, crossing the green line and hoping not to get caught. It was fun. Immediately it was clear that you are in another country. The style of the houses gave it away. Back then, that corner of France being much poorer than the other side of the border, Wissembourg wasn’t yet such a tourist attraction as it is today.  Having been back there recently for the first time in a few years, I can only complement the city to having transformed into such a jewel.

Beautiful old houses being restored, small canals all over the city, cute little cafés along the streets. Although so close to the German border and almost everyone speaking a German dialect you can feel the French touch and lifestyle all over the city centre.

One of the most famous buildings is probably “La maison du sel” which looks like the roof will collapse while you look at it.  Since there is quite a nice gallery on the ground level I doubt it though that the collapse will take place anytime soon.

Small patisseries everywhere you look. The best tarte flambées in the region. Medieval architecture in down town.  Did I get you interested? I hope so, because it is really worth a visit.

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