Reasons why I love Jo’burg #3 – La Dolce Vita in Parkhurst

Last Friday I had dinner in Parkhurst. It was quite a long time ago since I last went there – and I realized that I’ve missed it! Life in Parkhurst is different from life in Sandton. Fact. A bit more laid back, maybe. Maybe more bohemian?  Definitely livelier!

4th Ave in Parkhurst gives me the sort of street life you find in Europe. It is one of the only streets in Jozi where things are actually happening in the street. You find street cafés, restaurants with tables on the pavement, shops accessible from the street and not hidden away in a shopping centre. The perfect weekend “La-dolce-vita” getaway without getting away.

While having been there for dinner, I saw that a whole lot of new shops have opened – so my goal for this Saturday is to make it back to Parkhurst (if you know Jozi, you know it’s a bit of a schlep to drive to that side of town from where I am.. or maybe I’m just lazy) and stroll through the boutiques and interior decor shops on 4th Avenue!

Is this how you'd have imagined Jo'burg?

My favorites restaurants on 4th:

22 4th Avenue

Georges on 4th
21 4th Avenue

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