Indulging heavenly

I am definitely out-of-touch with Cape Town! I don’t even know anymore where to go out for a nice lunch.. Last week I had a meeting with our PR lady and asked her for a lovely spot to meet up! Her suggestion: The Grand Café & Beach at Granger Bay. Her description was as follows: 2 Houses down the road from the Radisson! Right! 2 houses down the road the Radisson coming from East (or is it West?) is the Hotel school!! 2 Houses down the road coming from the other direction is..nothing!!! Well, at least it looks like nothing. It looks like a road leading to a construction site!!! Even the entrance area makes you think: did I really land up in the right place??? I mean usually PR people have quite a good taste and a feeling for the latest hot spot in town! My other concern was the name.. Well, in Jo’burg there is a strip club also called “the Grand”! But Mrs PR proofed herself worth every cent! The venue is stunning! Romantic decor with oversized chandeliers and Parisian café chairs – open to the ocean and tables either on the deck or on the sugar white beach!

The venue has this amazing ability of making you feel like you are far far away.. like on an island! Every now and then one of those yachts sailing off shore Clifton all day will come by and make you realize that it is not just you, a few other people and the beach..

Unfortunately, time just flew and the next meeting was calling.. Unfortunately, not in such stunning surroundings..

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