Bushveld Get-Away

Beautiful Sunset in the Bush

Taking the city girl into the Bushveld was a huge success. Mission accomplished. I will even consider going back. Given certain conditions are met:
1. no camping
2. running water
3. en-suite bathroom
4. mosquito nets
So, basically taking the “bush” out of the Bushveld,  if you know what I mean.

Getting there was an adventure by itself. First time  ever that I landed on a dirt-strip. Flying in a new but retrofitted aircraft, it felt like I’m playing a character in “Out of Africa”.  Picture perfect start for a weekend in the Bushveld.

I have done a couple of game viewings since I moved to Johannesburg.  So far only the one-day safaris just outside Jozi. This time we went to Royal Malewane Game Reserve which is adjacent to the Kruger National Park. Part of Royal Malewane is the so-called Africa House. A moroccan style riad in the middle of the Bush… I agree, it might sound surreal but it blended in beautifully! Equipped with 6 beautiful suits, it’s the perfect get-away for a small group of people.

Africa House at Royal Malewane

This trip also marked another mile stone in my wildlife experience: viewing the Big 5 in one go! I have seen them before, but only in bits and pieces.  This time, I have managed to see all 5 in one trip.


Viewing a herd of Buffaloes

Leopard: usually extremely shy, wouldn’t even move when we drove close.

Lucky to have spotted a leopard

Elephants:  our vehicle was surrounded by a herd. I got quite scared at some stage

That’s how close they came

Rhino: subject to Asian superstition.

Spotting the endangered Black Rhino
Lions only showed themselves at night and my camera is not really suitable for nightshots, so you will just have to image the king of the bush.
All in all it was an amzing trip!

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