I Hate Packing

If someone had to ask my close friends what I really can’t stand, the answer would be homogeneously: “packing!!” I have probably mentioned it hundred of times in various conversations. To put some more emphasis on it, I want to shout out loud again.. I HATE PACKING!

Today I am busy packing for 3 upcoming business trips. All happening within the next 10 days…, all 3 completely different destinations and  between each trip I will be coming back home just for a few hours – most probably I’ll just have enough time to shower and grab my other bag. The thing is, that I actually hate planning ahead so much. How am I supposed to know today, what I want to wear next week? Oh wait, I am going to need three different types of outfits just for the first of the three upcoming trips already. My journey starts with a trip to Germany, where I’m going to spend time with family (leisure, hang-out outfits), then I have scheduled an appointment with a real estate agent (serious outfit maybe with a bit of sex appeal to use my female advantages when negotiating), then I go for meetings to our head office (business casual should do), maybe I want to go out at night with friends after work  (so an outfit that can easily be converted from business casual to go-out-chic needs to be packed). Mmhhh, should I maybe pack a pair of sexy underwear; just in case.. (I mean you never know).  By the way, I checked the weather forecast and I must now also take into consideration a 20 degree centigrade temperature difference on top of it all.

The second trip will take me to the Kruger National Park! The lodge is quite high-end, nevertheless it is still in the middle of the bush! So, do I pack more safari-style or more bush-chic? More leisure or more representative (after all it is on business with business partners and clients)? More feminine or more neutral? At least the colour scheme is settled: nature, brown, green, beige, anything but colourful and bright . I definitely don’t want to attract a lion or a  rhino or an elephant like a matador. This should be relatively easy because my wardrobe is quite boring colour wise anyway. It will be hot hot hot in the day and cool down drastically at night. The actual problem is that I simply don’t have any sort of “bush-outfit”.  I am a city gal with heels and jeans.

City Chick goes Safari

Last but not least, I will go to Luanda, the capital of Angola, for a few days. I am expecting sub-tropical temperatures. Business trip. Meetings. Business Dinners.  Probably moving from the humid outdoors to frozen indoor venues. Skirts or pants?  What is Angola actually like in terms of business attire for women? I have no clue whatsoever.

The question is: Am I actually making it more complicated than it really is?? I still hate it! Well, time to go back to packing..

2 thoughts on “I Hate Packing

  1. The answer to the question you asked in the end: Yes. A girl as charming as you will look and feel beautiful no matter what you wear.

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