Boutique Hotels and Hip Hideaways

What’s a blog that is talking about travelling without recommendations for the most beautiful hotels and hippest hideaways? That’s why I just have to share my favourite website with you: A hand-picked portfolio of beautiful boutique hotels, B&Bs and houses for rent, in some of the world’s most stunning locations.
This site is more than just an online booking engine – it’s inspiration, it’s motivation, it’s stimulation.

"Lion's View" in Camps Bay, Cape Town

Isn’t planning your holiday part of the  fun? The anticipation, the excitement, the “looking at the pictures and day dreaming”  – for me, that is all part of a perfect holiday. Of course a perfect holiday can also consist of the unknown, the “go with the flow” and see where it takes you. Packing your bags and just leave to somewhere is most probably just as exciting as looking at pictures beforehand for a lot of people. Generally, I am not a spontaneous traveller. I need to plan, knowing where I’ll be staying and most importantly getting excited long before the actual departure date.  That’s why this website is one of my favorite ones.

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